Apiaceae None

Higher taxa: Apiaceae (family)/ 
Species Country Publication
Acherontia atropos (Linnaeus, 1758) Madagascar Brénière J. 1965. Liste des paraites et prédateurs des principaux insectes nuisibles aux cultures à Madagascar. page: 348
Agonopterix nodiflorella (Millière, 1867) France Millière P. 1864–1868. Iconographie et description de chenilles de Lépidoptères inédits. page: 216
Ancylosis variabilis (Rothschild, 1913) Algeria Leraut P. 2014. Moths of Europe. Volume 4. Pyralids 2. page: 410
Chrysodeixis chalcites (Esper, 1798) Sevastopulo D. G. 1976. A list of the food plants of East African Macrolepidoptera. Part 2. Moths (Heterocera). page: 193 (as chalcytes)
Phaiogramma etruscaria (Zeller, 1849) Croatia Hausmann A. 2001. The Geometrid Moths of Europe. Volume 1. Introduction, Archiearinae, Orthostixinae, Desmobathrinae, Alsophilinae, Geometrinae. page: 204
Phaiogramma faustinata (Millière, 1868) Hausmann A., Stadie D. & Fiebig R. 2016. Family Geometridae Leach, [1815]. – In: Hacker H. (Ed.), Systematic and illustrated catalogue of the Macroheterocera and Cossoidea, Zygaenoidea, Thyridoidea and Hyblaeoidea of the Arabia Peninsula, with a survey of their distribution (Lepidoptera). page: 68
Polyocha sanguinariella (Zeller, 1848) Uganda Nyiira Z. M. 1973. Pest status of thrips and lepidopterous species on vegetables in Uganda. page: 133 (as superbella)
Xanthorhoe exorista Prout L. B., 1922 South Africa Taylor J. S. 1946. Food-plants of some South African Lepidoptera. page: 48
Xanthorhoe poseata (Geyer, 1837) South Africa Krüger M. 2019b. Geometridae (Lepidoptera, Geometroidea). – In: Mey W. & Krüger M. (Eds), The Lepidoptera fauna of a crater valley in the Great Escarpment of South Africa: The Asante Sana Project. page: 381

Scientific Name Authorship Rank
Angelica None genus
Caropsis None genus
Cyclospermum None genus
Daucus None genus
Eryngium None genus
Ferula None genus
Foeniculum None genus
Heracleum None genus
Pastinaca None genus
Petroselinum None genus