List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XXI.– Geometrites (continued).

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 277–498
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Anacleora extremaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Boarmia extremaria Boarmia extremaria
Ascotis reciprocaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Boarmia reciprocaria Boarmia reciprocaria
Colocleora divisaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Boarmia divisaria Boarmia divisaria
Colocleora divisaria divisaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Boarmia divisaria divisaria Boarmia divisaria
Colocleora proximaria proximaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Boarmia proximaria proximaria Boarmia proximaria
Colocleora proximaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Boarmia proximaria Boarmia proximaria
Ectropis spoliataria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Boarmia spoliataria Boarmia spoliataria
Horisme minuata (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hemerophila minuata Hemerophila ? minuata
Isturgia pulinda (Walker, 1860) Accepted Cleora pulinda Cleora ? Pulinda
Menophra contemptaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Boarmia contemptaria Boarmia contemptaria
Menophra serrataria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Tephrosia serrataria Tephrosia serrataria
Pingasa dispensata (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hypochroma dispensata Hypochroma dispensata
Pingasa distensaria distensaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hypochroma distensaria distensaria Hypochroma ? distensaria
Pingasa distensaria respondens (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hypochroma distensaria respondens Hypochroma respondens
Pingasa distensaria (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hypochroma distensaria Hypochroma ? distensaria
Pingasa nyctemerata (Walker, 1860) Synonym Hypochroma nyctemerata Hypochroma nyctemerata
Pingasa perfectaria (Walker, 1860) Synonym Hypochroma perfectaria Hypochroma perfectaria
Pingasa rhadamaria alterata (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hypochroma rhadamaria alterata Hypochroma alterata
Pingasa rhadamaria attenuans (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hypochroma rhadamaria attenuans Hypochroma attenuans
Pingasa ruginaria commutata (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hypochroma ruginaria commutata Hypochroma commutata
Pingasa ruginaria communicans (Walker, 1860) Accepted Hypochroma ruginaria communicans Hypochroma communicans
Scopula exiguaria (Walker, 1860) Synonym Boarmia exiguaria Boarmia exiguaria