The larger moths of Dhofar and their zoogeographic composition.

Author:Wiltshire E. P.
Journal:Journal of Oman Studies
Volume:Special Rep. 2
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Aedia eremica (Wiltshire, 1980) Accepted Syagrana eremica Syagrana eremica sp. nov.
Ammetopa popovi (Wiltshire, 1980) Accepted Metopoceras popovi Metopoceras popovi sp. nov.
Atacira granvillei (Wiltshire, 1980) Synonym Eutelia granvillei Eutelia mima Prout granvillei subsp. nov.
Berionycta melanisans (Wiltshire, 1980) Accepted Craniophora melanisans Craniophora melanisans sp. nov.
Bryophilopsis scotina Wiltshire, 1980 Synonym Bryophilopsis scotina Bryophilopsis tarachoides Mabille scotina subsp. nov.
Gnophosema leucites Wiltshire, 1980 Accepted Gnophosema leucites Gnophosema isometra Warren leucites subsp. nov.
Neostygia postaurantia Wiltshire, 1980 Accepted Neostygia postaurantia Neostygia postaurantia sp. nov.
Ozarba khadrafica Wiltshire, 1980 Synonym Ozarba khadrafica Ozarba atrifera Hampson khadrafica subsp. nov.
Palaeaspilates reducta (Wiltshire, 1980) Accepted Anisephyra reducta Anisephyra reducta sp. nov.
Pericyma obscura Wiltshire, 1980 Synonym Pericyma obscura Pericyma metaleuca Hampson obscura subsp. nov.
Polymona whitei Wiltshire, 1980 Accepted Polymona whitei Polymona whitei sp. nov.
Salagena guichardi Wiltshire, 1980 Accepted Salagena guichardi Salagena guichardi sp. nov.
Salvatgea dhofarica (Wiltshire, 1980) Accepted Rhypopteryx dhofarica Rhypopteryx dhofarica sp. nov.
Scopula walkeros Wiltshire, 1980 Synonym Scopula walkeros Scopula caesaria Walker walkeros subsp. nov.
Teracotona murtafaa Wiltshire, 1980 Accepted Teracotona murtafaa Teracotona murtafaa sp. nov.
Victoria omanensis (Wiltshire, 1980) Accepted Celidomphax omanensis Celidomphax omanensis sp. nov.