On a collection of Heterocera made in the Transvaal.

Author:Distant W. L.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(6) 20
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Afrospilarctia dissimilis (Distant, 1897) Accepted Spilosoma dissimilis Spilosoma dissimilis, sp. n.
Beralade perobliqua fumosa Distant, 1897 Synonym Beralade perobliqua fumosa Beralade fumosa, sp. n.
Bombycomorpha pallida Distant, 1897 Accepted Bombycomorpha pallida Bombycomorpha pallida, sp. n.
Carcinopodia argentata (Distant, 1897) Accepted Gnophria argentata Gnophria (?) argentata, sp. n.
Chrysopoloma bicolor (Distant, 1897) Accepted Stenoglene bicolor Stenoglene (Chrysopoloma) bicolor, sp. n.
Chrysotypus dawsoni Distant, 1897 Accepted Chrysotypus dawsoni Chrysotypus Dawsoni, sp. n.
Cleopatrina mirabilis (Distant, 1897) Synonym Taragama mirabilis Taragama mirabilis, sp. n.
Cyana pretoriae pretoriae (Distant, 1897) Accepted Bizone pretoriae pretoriae Bizone pretoriae, sp. n.
Cyana pretoriae (Distant, 1897) Accepted Bizone pretoriae Bizone pretoriae, sp. n.
Dasychira extatura Distant, 1897 Accepted Dasychira extatura Dasychira extatura, sp. n.
Desmeocraera vernalis Distant, 1897 Accepted Desmeocraera vernalis Desmeocraera vernalis, sp. n.
Dollmania cuprea (Distant, 1897) Accepted Gonometa cuprea Gonometa cuprea, sp. n.
Eucraera gemmata (Distant, 1897) Accepted Dendrolimus gemmata Dendrolimus gemmata, sp. n.
Eudalaca cretata (Distant, 1897) Accepted Dalaca cretata Dalaca cretata, sp. n.
Euproctis stellata Distant, 1897 Synonym Euproctis stellata Euproctis stellata, sp. n.
Euproctis torrida Distant, 1897 Synonym Euproctis torrida Euproctis torrida, sp. n.
Gonometa fulvida (Distant, 1897) Accepted Caphara fulvida Caphara fulvida, sp. n.
Homochira rendalli (Distant, 1897) Accepted Dasychira rendalli Dasychira Rendalli, sp. n.
Indarbela tegula (Distant, 1897) Accepted Arbela tegula Arbela tegula, sp. n.
Lacipa gemmata Distant, 1897 Accepted Lacipa gemmata Lacipa gemmata, sp. n.
Lacipa sexpunctata Distant, 1897 Accepted Lacipa sexpunctata Lacipa sexpunctata, sp. n.
Laelia diffusa (Distant, 1897) Synonym Lacipa diffusa Lacipa diffusa, sp. n.
Laelia extorta (Distant, 1897) Accepted Dasychira extorta Dasychira extorta, sp. n.
Laelia municipalis Distant, 1897 Accepted Laelia municipalis Laelia municipalis, sp. n.
Parapluda similis (Distant, 1897) Synonym Apluda similis Apluda similis, sp. n.