The moths of South Africa (Part II).

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Annals of the South African Museum
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Ableptina nubifera (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Pseudaglossa nubifera Pseudaglossa nubifera, n. sp.
Abrostola triopis Hampson, 1902 Accepted Abrostola triopis Abrostola triopis, n. sp.
Achaea bryoxantha (Hampson, 1902) Synonym Ophiusa bryoxantha Ophiusa bryoxantha, n. sp.
Achaea chamoeleon Hampson, 1902 Misapplied Achaea chamoeleon Achaea chamoeleon, Guen. Noct. iii p. 249 (1852).
Acontia chrysoproctis (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Tarache chrysoproctis Tarache chrysoproctis, n. sp.
Acontia sphendonistis (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Tarache sphendonistis Tarache sphendonistis, n. sp.
Acontiola cryptochrysea (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Metachrostis cryptochrysea Metachrostis cryptochrysea, n. sp.
Acontiola diplogramma (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Neochrostis diplogramma Neochrostis diplogramma, n. sp.
Acontiola heliastis (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Metachrostis heliastis Metachrostis heliastis, n. sp.
Acrapex curvata Hampson, 1902 Accepted Acrapex curvata Acrapex curvata, n. sp.
Acrapex leucophlebia sensu Hampson, 1902 Synonym Acrapex leucophlebia Acrapex leucophlebia Hmpsn.
Acripia chloropera Hampson, 1902 Synonym Acripia chloropera Acripia chloropera, n. sp.
Acripia semiviridis Hampson, 1902 Synonym Acripia semiviridis Acripia semiviridis, n. sp.
Adisura straminea Hampson, 1902 Accepted Adisura straminea Adisura straminea, n. sp.
Aedia virescens (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Catephia virescens Catephia virescens, n. sp.
Agrotis isopleura Hampson, 1902 Accepted Agrotis isopleura Agrotis isopleura, n. sp.
Agrotis oliveata Hampson, 1902 Accepted Agrotis oliveata Agrotis oliveata, n. sp.
Amazonides fumicolor (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Agrotis fumicolor Agrotis fumicolor, n. sp.
Amyna trivenifica (Hampson, 1902) Misapplied Perigea trivenifica Perigea trivenifica, Wllgrn.
Analetia albicosta (Hampson, 1902) Misapplied Leucania albicosta Leucania albicosta
Anathetis atrirena (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Caradrina atrirena Caradrina atrirena, n. sp.
Androlymnia torsivena (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Perciana torsivena Perciana torsivena, n. sp.
Anedhella nigrivittata (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Matopo nigrivittata Matopo nigrivittata, n. sp.
Anedhella rectiradiata (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Tarache rectiradiata Tarache rectiradiata, n. sp.
Anoba atripuncta (Hampson, 1902) Accepted Baniana atripuncta Baniana atripuncta, n. sp.