List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XIV.– Noctuidae.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 1237–1519
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Achaea albicilia (Walker, 1858) Accepted Ophisma albicilia Ophisma albicilia
Achaea croceipennis (Walker, 1858) Synonym Ophisma croceipennis Ophisma croceipennis
Achaea echo (Walker, 1858) Accepted Ophisma echo Ophisma Echo
Achaea exhibens (Walker, 1858) Synonym Ophisma exhibens Ophisma exhibens
Achaea illustrata Walker, 1858 Accepted Achaea illustrata Achaea illustrata
Achaea indicabilis Walker, 1858 Accepted Achaea indicabilis Achaea indicabilis
Achaea leucopasa (Walker, 1858) Accepted Ophisma leucopasa Ophisma leucopasa
Achaea mormoides Walker, 1858 Accepted Achaea mormoides Achaea mormoides
Achaea mundissima (Walker, 1858) Synonym Ophisma mundissima Ophisma mundissima
Achaea oblita (Walker, 1858) Accepted Ophisma oblita Ophisma oblita
Achaea senior (Walker, 1858) Synonym Ophisma senior Ophisma senior
Achaea spectatura Walker, 1858 Synonym Achaea spectatura Achaea spectatura
Cuneisigna obstans (Walker, 1858) Accepted Trigonodes obstans Trigonodes ? obstans
Cyligramma bisignata (Walker, 1858) Synonym Brujas bisignata Brujas bisignata
Cyligramma conturbans (Walker, 1858) Synonym Nyctipao conturbans Nyctipao conturbans
Cyligramma disturbans (Walker, 1858) Accepted Nyctipao disturbans Nyctipao disturbans
Cyligramma rudilinea Walker, 1858 Synonym Cyligramma rudilinea Cyligramma rudilinea
Dysgonia festina (Walker, 1858) Synonym Ophiusa festina Ophiusa festina
Dysgonia properans (Walker, 1858) Accepted Ophiusa properans Ophiusa properans
Entomogramma anteponens (Walker, 1858) Synonym Hypopyra anteponens Hypopyra anteponens
Ericeia congressa (Walker, 1858) Accepted Remigia congressa Remigia congressa
Ericeia optativa (Walker, 1858) Synonym Remigia optativa Remigia optativa
Gondysia redditura (Walker, 1858) Synonym Ophiusa redditura Ophiusa redditura
Grammodes congenita Walker, 1858 Accepted Grammodes congenita Grammodes congenita
Grammodes dubitans (Walker, 1858) Synonym Euclidia dubitans Euclidia dubitans