On two collections of Lepidoptera made by Mr. R. Crawshay in Nyasa-Land.

Author:Butler A. G.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:817–850, pls xli–xlii
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Bracharoa bistigmigera (Butler, 1897) Synonym Aroa bistigmigera Aroa bistigmigera, sp. n.
Idaea angusta (Butler, 1897) Accepted Hyria angusta Hyria angusta, sp. n.
Micralarctia punctulatum auricinctum (Butler, 1897) Accepted Spilosoma punctulatum auricinctum Spilosoma auricinctum, sp. n.
Phalera latipennis Butler, 1897 Accepted Phalera latipennis Phalera latipennis, sp. n.
Scotinochroa inconsequens Butler, 1897 Accepted Scotinochroa inconsequens Scotinochroa inconsequens, sp. n.
Stracena bananae (Butler, 1897) Accepted Lymantria bananae Lymantria bananae, sp. n.
Thumatha inconstans (Butler, 1897) Accepted Dictenus inconstans Dictenus inconstans, sp. n.
Thyretes phasma Butler, 1897 Synonym Thyretes phasma Thyretes phasma, sp. n.