List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part VI.– Lepidoptera Heterocera.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 1259–1507
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Anadiasa punctifascia (Walker, 1855) Accepted Eriogaster punctifascia Eriogaster punctifascia
Bombycomorpha bifascia (Walker, 1855) Accepted Artace bifascia Artace ? bifascia
Bombycomorpha bifascia bifascia (Walker, 1855) Accepted Artace bifascia bifascia Artace ? bifascia
Bombycopsis bipars (Walker, 1855) Accepted Lebeda bipars Lebeda bipars
Bombycopsis incompta (Walker, 1855) Synonym Eriogaster incompta Eriogaster incompta
Braura truncatum (Walker, 1855) Accepted Megasoma truncatum Megasoma truncatum
Catalebeda producta (Walker, 1855) Accepted Lebeda producta Lebeda producta
Cirina forda semicaeca (Walker, 1855) Synonym Perisomena forda semicaeca Perisomena semicaeca
Cleopatrina bilinea (Walker, 1855) Accepted Pachypasa bilinea Pachypasa ? bilinea
Eutricha bifascia (Walker, 1855) Accepted Megasoma bifascia Megasoma bifascia
Eutricha obscurum (Walker, 1855) Accepted Megasoma obscurum Megasoma obscurum
Euwallengrenia reducta (Walker, 1855) Accepted Odonestis reducta Odonestis reducta
Lechriolepis varia (Walker, 1855) Accepted Amydona varia Amydona varia
Pachymeta contraria (Walker, 1855) Accepted Lebeda contraria Lebeda contraria
Pachyna subfascia (Walker, 1855) Accepted Pachypasa subfascia Pachypasa ? subfascia
Philotherma unicolor (Walker, 1855) Accepted Amydona unicolor Amydona unicolor
Sena prompta (Walker, 1855) Accepted Lasiocampa prompta Lasiocampa prompta
Sena prompta prompta (Walker, 1855) Accepted Lasiocampa prompta prompta Lasiocampa prompta
Stoermeriana basale (Walker, 1855) Accepted Megasoma basale Megasoma basale