Sena Walker, 1862

Higher taxa: Lasiocampidae (family)/  Lasiocampinae (subfamily)/  Selenepherini (tribe)/  Sena (genus)/ 
Authorship:Walker, 1862
Citation:Sena, n. g.
Taxon remarks:Type species: Sena plusioides Walker, 1862. Transactions of the entomological Society of London (3)1: 279. By monotypy.
Publication:Walker F. 1862c. Characters of undescribed Lepidoptera in the collection of W. W. Saunders, Esq.
Journal:Transactions of the entomological Society of London
Volume:(3) 1
Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination Images
Sena augustasi Zolotuhin, Saldaitis & Ivinskis, 2009 Zolotuhin, Saldaitis & Ivinskis, 2009 species Accepted Sena augustasi
Sena breyeri (Aurivillius, 1922) (Aurivillius, 1922) species Accepted Beralade breyeri
Sena cardinalli (Tams, 1931) (Tams, 1931) species Accepted Chilena cardinalli
Sena donaldsoni (Holland, 1897) (Holland, 1897) species Accepted Chilena donaldsoni
Sena exocyrta (Tams, 1936) (Tams, 1936) species Synonym Beralade exocyrta
Sena hilgerti (Rothschild, 1913) (Rothschild, 1913) species Synonym Chilena hilgerti
Sena intermedia (Aurivillius, 1922) (Aurivillius, 1922) species Misapplied Beralade intermedia
Sena levenna (Wallengren, 1875) (Wallengren, 1875) species Accepted Eriogaster levenna
Sena lucasi (Oberthür, 1916) (Oberthür, 1916) species Synonym Chilena lucasi
Sena marginata (Aurivillius, 1922) (Aurivillius, 1922) species Misapplied Beralade marginata
Sena mendax (Berio, 1939) (Berio, 1939) species Accepted Beralade mendax
Sena meyi Zolotuhin, 2007 Zolotuhin, 2007 species Accepted Sena meyi
Sena micromacula (Strand, 1912) (Strand, 1912) species Synonym Beralade micromacula
Sena nazmii Lajonquière, 1977 Lajonquière, 1977 species Synonym Sena nazmii
Sena oberthuri (Lucas D., 1909) (Lucas D., 1909) species Accepted Chilena oberthuri
Sena parva (Aurivillius, 1921) (Aurivillius, 1921) species Accepted Beralade parva
Sena poecila (Hering, 1932) (Hering, 1932) species Accepted Beralade poecila
Sena prompta (Walker, 1855) (Walker, 1855) species Accepted Lasiocampa prompta
Sena punctulata (Aurivillius, 1915) (Aurivillius, 1915) species Accepted Beralade punctulata
Sena quirimbo (Tams, 1936) (Tams, 1936) species Accepted Beralade quirimbo
Sena scotti (Tams, 1931) (Tams, 1931) species Accepted Chilena scotti
Sena strigifascia (Hampson, 1909) (Hampson, 1909) species Accepted Beralade strigifascia
Sena virgo (Oberthür, 1916) (Oberthür, 1916) species Synonym Chilena virgo
Sena zolotuhini Hacker, 2016 Hacker, 2016 species Accepted Sena zolotuhini