Acanthovalva Krüger, 2001

Higher taxa: Geometridae (family)/  Ennominae (subfamily)/  Macariini (tribe)/  Acanthovalva (genus)/ 
Authorship:Krüger, 2001
Citation:Acanthovalva gen. n.
Taxon remarks:Type species: Geometria inconspicuaria Hübner, 1819. By original designation.
Publication:Krüger M. 2001a. A revision of the tribe Macariini (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Ennominae) of Africa, Madagascar and Arabia.
Journal:Bulletin of The Natural History Museum
Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination Images
Acanthovalva antennata (Warren, 1897) (Warren, 1897) species Synonym Tephrina antennata
Acanthovalva bilineata (Warren, 1895) (Warren, 1895) species Accepted Ematurga bilineata
Acanthovalva capensis Krüger, 2001 Krüger, 2001 species Accepted Acanthovalva capensis
Acanthovalva cinerascens (Butler, 1875) (Butler, 1875) species Synonym Acidalia cinerascens
Acanthovalva cinerescens (Hampson, 1910) (Hampson, 1910) species Misapplied Tephrina cinerescens
Acanthovalva cinnamomaria (Rothschild, 1914) (Rothschild, 1914) species Synonym Tephrina cinnamomaria
Acanthovalva designata (Walker, 1862) (Walker, 1862) species Synonym Speranza designata
Acanthovalva focularia (Geyer, 1837) (Geyer, 1837) species Accepted Eurranthis focularia
Acanthovalva inconspicuaria (Hübner, 1819) (Hübner, 1819) species Accepted Geometra inconspicuaria
Acanthovalva itremo Krüger, 2001 Krüger, 2001 species Accepted Acanthovalva itremo
Acanthovalva magna Krüger, 2001 Krüger, 2001 species Accepted Acanthovalva magna
Acanthovalva osyraria (Guenée, 1858) (Guenée, 1858) species Synonym Selidosema osyraria
Acanthovalva perdecorata (Walker, 1863) (Walker, 1863) species Synonym Camptogramma perdecorata
Acanthovalva perturbata (Bastelberger, 1908) (Bastelberger, 1908) species Synonym Tephrina perturbata
Acanthovalva pumicaria (Lederer, 1855) (Lederer, 1855) species Synonym Eubolia pumicaria
Acanthovalva punicaria (Distant, 1892) (Distant, 1892) species Misapplied Eubolia punicaria