Thysanochilus Butler, 1878

Higher taxa: Geometridae (family)/  Ennominae (subfamily)/  Caberini (tribe)/  Thysanochilus (genus)/ 
Status:Synonym , the accepted name is Cabera
Authorship:Butler, 1878
Citation:Thysanochilus, n. gen.
Taxon remarks:Type species: Thysanochilus purus Butler, 1878. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (5) 1(5): 404. By original designation. Included by Parsons et al. (1999: 97) as a junior synonym of Cabera Treitschke, 1825.
Publication:Butler A. G. 1878b. Descriptions of new species of Heterocera from Japan. Part III. Geometrites.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(5) 1