Syagrana Wiltshire, 1980

Higher taxa: Noctuidae (family)/  Aediinae (subfamily)/  Syagrana (genus)/ 
Status:Synonym , the accepted name is Aedia
Authorship:Wiltshire, 1980
Citation:Syagrana gen. nov.
Taxon remarks:Type species: Syagrana eremica Wiltshire, 1980. Journal of Oman Studies Special Report 2: 206, fig. 18; pl. 1, fig. 16. By original designation and monotypy. Synonymized by H. Hacker (2016: 295).
Publication:Wiltshire E. P. 1980b. The larger moths of Dhofar and their zoogeographic composition.
Journal:Journal of Oman Studies
Volume:Special Rep. 2