Eublemma scitula futilis (Swinhoe, 1885)

Higher taxa: Erebidae (family)/  Boletobiinae (subfamily)/  Eublemmini (tribe)/  Eublemma (genus)/  Eublemma (subgenus)/  Eublemma scitula (species)/ 
Status:Synonym, the accepted name is Eublemma scitula scitula
Authorship:(Swinhoe, 1885)
Citation:Erastria futilis, n. sp.
Original genus:Erastria
Publication:Swinhoe C. 1885a. On Lepidoptera collected at Kurrachee.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:517; pl. 47, fig. 8

Taxonomic note:

This name probably refers to an Oriental species.

Scientific name TypeStatus Gender Museum Description Country Locality Publication URL
Eublemma scitula futilis (Swinhoe, 1885) Holotype NHMUK Holotype ♂, NHMUK. Pakistan Pakistan, Sind, Kurrachee [Karachi], iii, leg. C. Swinhoe.
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Scientific name Plant Country Publication URL
Scientific name Parasitoid Country Publication URL
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Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination