Chiasmia berengaria (Fawcett, 1916)

Higher taxa: Geometridae (family)/  Ennominae (subfamily)/  Macariini (tribe)/  Chiasmia (genus)/ 
Status:Synonym, the accepted name is Chiasmia umbratilis
Authorship:(Fawcett, 1916)
Citation:Peridela berengaria, sp. n.
Original genus:Peridela
Publication:Fawcett J. M. 1916. Notes on a collection of Heterocera made by Mr. W. Feather in British East Africa, 1911–13.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:727; pl. 1, fig. 26
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Chiasmia berengaria (Fawcett, 1916) Holotype NHMUK Holotype ♂, genitalia slide Geometridae 6965♂, NHMUK. Kenya [Kenya], British East Africa, Kedai, 2500 ft, 25.i.1913, leg. W. Feather.
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